Memories bring to life past times, those that we fully live, feel and experience. Materializing moments has become a magnificent art to always bring these memories with us, through objects with the ability to transcend in time.

Our past is the origin of our history; goldsmithing has been one of the most important methods to narrate our culture as a way of artistic expression and communication.

Ornamental tells all these legendary stories through delicate ornaments, each finely carved through the art of goldsmithing, creating an immense universe of contemporary stories and interpretations of the different cultures that have lived around the world.

All our jewels are handmade by small artisans and jewelers from the city of Cali, Colombia. We are a Colombian brand founded in 2019, born with a passion for design & craftsmanship.

Ornamental is for the enjoyment of women when wearing jewelry as works of art, loaded with history, which culturally communicate the features of each continent; pieces that are thought and created to last over time, because there is nothing more eternal than an Ornamental Jewel.