Ancient Egypt, its civilization, its deities, aesthetics, symbols and art, are our inspiration.

The idea of beauty they had, the eternal seduction through jewelry and artifacts. They adorned their bodies, always seeking harmony in aesthetics, they worshiped beauty, taking great care of their personal appearance with extreme flirtation.

The female body and its movement are the main source for the creation of the pieces in this collection. As well as its most important symbols, as the the Eye of Horus and the Scarab, all represented in an abstract approach. Protection amulets of transformation, creation and renewal.

The Egyptian gold, present in all the pieces, represented by the color of the sun, meaning of eternity. The black, symbol of resurrection and fertility. White, purity and power, the color of the sacred. Green considered the color of life, and red associated with fire, vitality and energy.

The Egyptians lived with an eye on eternity, as is Ornamental, jewels that become relics, timeless pieces that transcend through time.