From past and present times, jewelry has been a fundamental part of exalting feminine beauty. In our search around the world we come across a Tibeto-Burmese tribe, where women are highlighted by the ornaments they wear on their bodies. Exactly because of the brass rings on their necks. The women of the Kayan tribe wear their necklaces from the age of 5 to 12, where for each year they increase one ring. This ornament is used as a symbol of beauty, abundance and prosperity.


Within its cultural identity, this necklace is associated as an integral part of the body, as an extension of it. Which led us to be inspired on how to bring the aesthetics of this ornament to other parts of the body.


This is why earrings will be the protagonists in our pieces in this collection. Where beauty will be reflected in other parts of the body such as the ears and hands. We want our ornaments to be a fundamental part of the women who wear our jewelry.