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Types of earrings according to your type of face

Let’s talk about the different types of face, and the different kinds of accessories, in this case, different forms of earrings that can most flatter and harmonize the face. Our favorite image consultant @maria_fgiraldo teaches us what are the different types of face and the forms of earrings that suit us the most. We suggest different Ornamental designs that can be your best allies.

What types of faces are there? There are different types of face: round, oval, rectangular, square, triangle and inverted triangle.

The round face is fully circular, the length and width of the face are similar, there is no marked features, cheekbones and contour lines are not marked. The accessories that work for a round face: they are long accessories, visually it gives an elongation effect where the face is outlined.

For those with ROUND faces, our suggestions are Opal polka dots and long earrings like the Mentum.

The oval face is a type of face where the proportions are balanced. Is a shape that lends itself to almost all types of earrings.

For women with OVAL faces, we recommend statement pieces such as the Menia II in black or gold, or the iconic Masud, in all their shades, gold with black, gold with green or a complete golden hue.

The rectangular face is an elongated face, it is not wide. The earrings that most flatter this type of face are long but medium in size.

If you have a RECTANGULAR face, large polka dots are the perfect option. Our recommended, the Anissa and the Temsania I and Temsania II.

The square face, the same size of the jaw is the same width of the forehead. The Long earrings and polka dots are very flattering for this type of face.

For the SQUARE, Tanis polka dots and Amettista earrings are perfect for this type of Face.

On the triangular face the forehead is small and the jaw wide. The ideal is to give volume to the area of ​​the ears, large round polka dots, maxi earrings and earrings with a lot of volume work.

For the TRIANGULAR face, the best option are the iconic Tessuti, Menia II and Masud. And very soon a new design from the next collection, the Bomani XL.

And finally, the inverted triangle face is the opposite of the triangular one, the chin area is more pointed and thinner than the forehead. For this type of earrings, we also work with maxi earrings that give volume, filling those spaces makes the face look more harmonious.

If you have an INVERTED TRIANGLE type face, the earrings are the ones that will favor you the most. You will love our Olimpia and Sekani earrings!

It is important to emphasize that this is a guide but it is not a rule that must be followed perfectly. Image consulting is very personal and can vary from person to person. Remember that the most important thing is that we feel good about what we are wearing, with accessories that make us feel safe.

At Ornamental we design for all types of women, always thinking about their morphology, in designs that can fit with any type of face and in the different moments that women live in their day to day. We have a universe where we invite you to explore all the proposals that we create with you in mind.

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